• Our Vision

    Sustainability and CSR Insights © are a business strategy think-tank and an Accredited Continuing Professional Development (CPD) company providing courses approved by the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) for the Certificate in Sustainability Strategy © .

    Providing bespoke ISO 9001 quality, OSHAS 18001 safety and ISO 14001 environmental management system advice and support.


    Our Sustainable Strategic Growth Model is a management resource that will transform your business into a Sustainably Managed Enterprise © and has been adopted by managers and business leaders at major international organisations such as Tarmac, Ferrovial Agroman, Asanko Gold and the Scottish Agricultural Organisation Society.


    We help Managers and Entrepreneurs in both fast growth companies and small businesses overcome the challenge of embedding Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into their business strategy.


    Sustainability and CSR Insights © set the standard for content and delivery of environmental, CSR and sustainability training through robust quality assurance processes and provide professional development support aligned with IEMA Skills Map.

    Our Certificate in Sustainability Strategy © is Accredited by the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (IEMA).
    - In line with IEMA Environmental Skills Map
    - Receive a 15% discount on IEMA Membership
    - Flexible Study Options
    - 2 x Day Course Available




  • Testimonials

    "It has made me think about sustainability in a different way in order to
    facilitate the various elements. I really enjoyed the process
    and feel far better equipped now to understand and hopefully manage
    sustainability more efficiently and effectively in the future."

    Brendan Kemp, Senior Environmental Consultant

    Certificate in Sustainability Strategy

    "Your knowledge and insight proved to be vital in ensuring that our delegates had a constructive and inspiring day."

    Jan Chimiel, Past CEO

    "Thank you also for a great course – I’ve already found
    it to be exceedingly helpful, and it’s already advanced a lot of my
    implementation plans."

    Richard Sims, Quality Manager

  • IEMA Approved Certificate in Sustainability Strategy


    Tools for Building Sustainably Managed Enterprises ©

    Accredited Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

    The Certificate in Sustainability Strategy © is accredited by the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) the professional body for over 15,000 environment and sustainability professionals from around the globe.


    IEMA sets the accreditation criteria for the content and delivery of environment and sustainability training through robust quality assurance processes and provides professional development support in line with the IEMA Environmental Skills Map.


    Register for the IEMA Certificate in Sustainability Strategy © and receive a 15% discount on IEMA Membership.

    Flexible Study Options


    Option 1: Attend our 2 x day activity based in-company workshop or Public training course that will review the following modules:


    Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility – Context and Definition


    Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Dilemma


    Sustainable Strategic Growth Model - a solution to the Sustainability and CSR dilemma


    Sustainability Footprints – tools for growth


    The Politics of Sustainability


    Case studies


    Each Module is delivered using interactive lectures with dedicated online tutor support


    Option 2: Complete the core modules + exam within 30 days via e-learning and achieve a continuing professional development (CPD) certification.


  • Transform your business

    The emergence of sustainability megaforces within the 21st business context such as climate change, energy & fuel, material resource scarcity, water scarcity, population growth, wealth, urbanization, food security, eco system decline and deforestation presents both risks and opportunities


    The approach used in the course assumes no prior awareness by providing the knowledge and strategic tools to deploy sustainable development utilising best practice case studies


    Gain new skills


    Learn to develop effective plans using the interactive online Sustainable Strategic Growth Model Analysis Tool.


    The IEMA Approved Certificate in Sustainability Strategy © is useful qualification for senior management, company directors, Quality Managers, Safety Managers, Environmental Managers, CSR/Sustainability Managers, Marketing and early career professionals that are tasked with contributing to Sustainability/CSR implementation and reporting


  • E- Learning Course

    E-Learning may be the option if you are juggling the demands of career and family.

    Study at your own pace.

    Enhance your career prospects by completing our online Certificate in Sustainability Strategy © for £120 + VAT which includes:

    • access to interactive e-learning material

    • Course Textbook

    • Exam fees

    • Dedicated online tutor support

  • Sustainable Strategic Growth Model

    Transform your business into a Sustainably Managed Enterprise ©


    Book our in-company 2 x day workshop and learn how the Sustainable Strategic Growth Model can improve resource efficiency, profitability and enhance stakeholder value

  • Quality, Safety & Environmental Management Systems

    We've got a top notch team to help you develop, implement and achieve ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 certification

    Quality Management Systems

    ISO 9001

    ISO 9001:2015 Gap Analysis

    Quality Management System Development

    Quality Audits

    ISO 9001:2015 Auditor training

    Quality Management training

    Safety Management Systems

    OSHAS 18001

    OHSAS 18001 Gap Analysis

    Safety Management System Development

    Safety Audits

    OHSAS 18001 Auditor training

    Safety Management training

    Environmental Management Systems

    ISO 14001

    ISO 14001:2015 Gap Analysis

    Environmental Management System Development

    Environmental Audits

    ISO 14001:2015 Auditor training

    Environmental Management training

    Carbon footprint measurement

    Sustainability Report development

    CSR Report development

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    Don't be afraid to reach out...we are able to help you meet the requirements of the new ISO standards.

  • Publications

    Sustainability Footprints in SMEs: Strategy and Case Studies for Entrepreneurs and Small Business published by John Wiley & Sons is the main textbook for the IEMA Certificate in Sustainability Strategy ©

    Available in both hard copy and e-book formats providing access to:
    Case study PowerPoint slides
    Interactive online Sustainable Strategic Growth Model™ Analysis Tool
    Narrated lectures and lesson/study plans
    available in both hard copy and e-book formats providing access to:

    Sustainability & CSR Insights is our bi-annual e-magazine discussing emerging themes in sustainability and corporate social responsibility, expanding knowledge and providing insight into the application of key concepts that create stakeholder value and embed sustainability within business.

    Our magazine editor Dr Lowellyne James is a world leading pioneer in the development of sustainability strategy

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    Sustainability & CSR Insights our bi-annual e-magazine



  • Global Affiliate Program

    Presently we are seeking to collaborate with academics, international organisations, governmental agencies and Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) to deliver sustainability/CSR training and consultancy support to fast growth companies and small businesses worldwide.


    African Region

    For more information on our Global Affiliate Program and specialist technical support to help you build Sustainably Managed Enterprise © in your region ....send us a message!

  • #Futureproof your strategy Campaign

    Support my #futureproof your Strategy campaign to get fast growth companies and small businesses to measure #Sustainabilityfootprints and implement sustainable best practices

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